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First Deputy praises the efforts of Omdurman Islamic University in support of the pharmaceutical work

Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh, first deputy of the president of the Republic praised the Omdurman Islamic University efforts in rooting knowledge and human pharmaceuticals, science and conservation of the heritage of the nation. That came when he addressed the opening session of the eighteenth Conference of scientific Association of faculty Deans of Pharmacy, the Arab world on Wednesday morning at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, which is organized by Faculty of Pharmacy of the OIU, the first of its kind in Sudan, amid active participation of Arab, Islamic and European countries as well as the deans of the faculties of pharmacy in Arab world.
he also called for concerted Arab efforts in supporting and developing the pharmaceutical educational issues and practice them in order to achieve development And work to fill need for the Arab countries of the medicine, indicating that the income of the advanced countries of the world from sale the medicine was approximately 100 million $ per year, wondering about the location of the Arab countries in this regard. He also pointed out that the Sudan was able to provide 30% of the medicine needs, promising that this percentage will go up to 85% in the next two years under the Strategic Plan of the country in the field of pharmaceutical industry filling the shortage.
It is worth mentioning that the conference discussed 57 scientific papers in various Pharmacy sciences and concluded its activities on Thursday by mentioning the recommendations that will come out.



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Faculty of Nursing Sciences at the OIU celebrates the graduation of the first batch



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